LUX Technology Group, Inc., offers over 200 affordable lighting solutions ranging from beautiful vintage LED filaments to high-powered street lighting. With smooth dimming capabilities, high CRI, amber and clear coatings, and more, the lighting possibilities are endless.
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Our commitment to innovation


At LUX Technology Group, we aim to put your world in a better light, one bulb at a time. And that requires a commitment to excellence. That’s why we have focused all of our efforts on making LED technology that is affordable to everyone, and makes no compromises on quality.

The years of research have paid off, because we have achieved what many thought impossible: LED lighting that can truly match or exceed the light quality of incandescent bulbs. We offer you the same warm, yet powerful glow of incandescent light—at a fraction of the energy use and fifteen times the lifespan.

And we’ve made it affordable.

How is it so affordable, you ask?

The answer: LED Lighting Vertical Integration

Through strategic partnerships,  LUX has access to the entire supply chain from the diodes to the finished box that you purchase. This ensures not only excellent quality, but helps keep costs low, creating superior LED lights at affordable prices.


Here’s what you can expect from our bulbs


• Incandescent appearance and uniform light quality

• Smooth dimming system

• A 5-Year Warranty

• Indoor and/or outdoor damp location use

• Powered by Tesla Technology




You may have heard that LED bulbs are expensive, have a cold glow, or provide very focused light. Well, that’s all over now. We’re bringing you all the advantages of LED—and we solved everything else.

We got a little help from an old friend.

Sometimes to move forward, you can’t be afraid to look back.
To achieve the light quality of an incandescent bulb we looked to
Nikola Tesla for answers. His work with phosphorous for lighting
technology guided us to the breakthrough that gives our bulbs
a glow that no other LED can match. We believe that using Tesla’s
technology is the best way we can honor his work and his genius.

So thanks, Nikola, from your friends at LUX.

Selfies this good require
excellent lighting



When you replace an incandescent light bulb with a CFL bulb, you’ll get
a slightly longer bulb life and a moderate drop in energy consumption.
Your new CFL will have a whiter glow than the incandescent bulb you’re
replacing and delicate spiral tubes. To dispose of a broken CFL, follow
the list of EPA recommended steps to avoid mercury vapor exposure
and potential health issues.

When you replace an incandescent light bulb with a LUX LED bulb,
you’ll get up to 25,000 hours of light and use significantly less energy.
Your new LUX LED bulb will provide the same warm glow and keep
the familiar shape of the incandescent bulb you’re replacing. LUX LEDs
are also 100% recyclable and can be cleaned up without fear of
dangerous chemical exposure.