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LUX Technology Group, Inc., offers over 200 affordable lighting solutions ranging from beautiful vintage LED filaments to high-powered street lighting. With smooth dimming capabilities, high CRI, amber and clear coatings, and more, the lighting possibilities are endless.
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01 Apr Celebrate Earth Month With LUX!

April is "Earth Month" (April 22nd is the official "Earth Day") and we're excited to celebrate! Earth Day is about bringing awareness regarding environmental issues and what we can all do to help. While there seems to be an official national day for everything (National Cheeseburger Day anyone?),...

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25 Nov LED vs HPS Street Lighting

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]LED lighting solutions have never been more accessible or affordable than now. With multiple rebate programs and incentives, more cities are making the switch to LED street lighting. And why wouldn't they? As we all know by now, LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting which means...

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21 Sep 5 Myths About LED Lighting

With anything new and noteworthy, misconceptions circulate. Sometimes there's truth to the negatives, but often times those negatives are simply misunderstood. Or maybe the technology progresses and fixes said negatives, but people still hang on to outdated facts. How many of us have bought those LED...

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