LUX Technology Group, Inc., offers over 200 affordable lighting solutions ranging from beautiful vintage LED filaments to high-powered street lighting. With smooth dimming capabilities, high CRI, amber and clear coatings, and more, the lighting possibilities are endless.
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21 Sep 5 Myths About LED Lighting

With anything new and noteworthy, misconceptions circulate. Sometimes there's truth to the negatives, but often times those negatives are simply misunderstood. Or maybe the technology progresses and fixes said negatives, but people still hang on to outdated facts. How many of us have bought those LED...

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CRI: Fluorescent vs LED

23 Jul Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The Color Rendering Index, or CRI, can perhaps be better explained as the color accuracy portrayal of a light. Essentially, at what quality (on a scale of 0-100) does the light best represent blues, greens, reds, etc., exactly as they appear in broad daylight? In...

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